Nami no IHACHI

~The roots of Katsushika Hokusai from Isumi City~

Very Beautiful Transom Sculptures of IHACHI' works

Art 1. " Ushiwakamaru and long-nosed gobline "

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Ushiwaka is famous history person (1159-1189). He was very brave samurai. His brother unified Japan, who did it as samurai first in our history. In the middle of unified, Ushiwaka and his brother were opposed to each other, He was attacked then killed by his brother.

IHACHI did not engrave lots of waves alone, but long-nosed goblins as well. There is a legend about Ushiwaka in Isumi. The legend is that the goblin, who taught Ushiwaka martial arts, told him, if he would have an opportunity going to North Eastern Area, should have stopped by at Idunadera-temple. The legend says he actually came here, however no one knows the truth of the legend.

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