Nami no IHACHI

~The roots of Katsushika Hokusai from Isumi City~

Introduction of Yoshinobu IHACHIro Takeshi (“Nami no IHACHI” )

Hokusai Katsushika -Kanagawa oki nami ura-
His full name is Yoshinobu IHACHIRO Takeshi won the nickname as “Nami no IHACHI”. Yoshinobu is fast name, IHACHIRO is middle name and Takeshi is family name. IHACHIRO was called as IHACHI, cutting “RO”, because calling easily. He was born to a family of a village headman in Kamogawa city in 1752. He was very clever for hand work from childhood. About 50 works were produced by IHACHI around Chiba prefecture, and He passed away at 73 years old in 1824. After his death, his family lasted five generation as an engraver.

He was known as the best of engraver in his later years. His nickname “Nami no IHACHI” was spread as big name, thereby it was said that “Should not engrave sculptures of waves around Kanto region” because he/she would be humiliated if he/she worked for engraving waves.

IHACHI’s successors over five generations

Second Generation; Nobutsune Ihachiro Takeshi (1786 - 1852)
He was born as Ihachi’s biological child. He helped IHACHI’s work, after Ihachi’s death, He inherited IHACHI as second generation.

Third Generation; Nobumitsu Ihachiro Takeshi (1816 - 1889)
He had an opportunity to be a village headman in Kamogawa city.
Then He worked for engraving some sculptures.

Forth Generation; Nobuaki Ihachiro Takeshi (1862 - 1908)
He used to work as a carpenter, after that became a disciple of Nobuaki as third generation, then was son in law.

Fifth Generation; Nobutsuki Takaishi (1890 - 1964)
He was born as son of Nobuaki. He created few works, not have a inheritor.
The name of Takeshi as an engraver was lost.

They left various sculptures in Chiba prefecture, have contributed to the cultural arts. We believe the story is very unique in our history, hereby want you to come to see the beautiful Isumi culture.

Major IHACHI's(First)Works in Isumi City

Year His age Place Representative Work
1789 38 Choufukuji-temple / Main hall Dragon and Kylin
1792 41 Koufukuji-temple / worship place Dragon
1796 45 Izunadera-temple / Main hall Ushiwakamaru and long-nosed goblin
1809 58 Gyohganji-temple / Drawing room Sacred Gem and Wave
1824 73 Kumano-shinto shrine Mikoshi sclupture

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