Nami no IHACHI

~The roots of Katsushika Hokusai from Isumi City~

IHACHI and Sake

Entrance of Kidoizumi
He loves Isumi’s sake well. According to legend, when he stayed at a temple to work carving a transom. He spent days nothing to do. He just went to cape with lots of sake to watch waves day after day.
He made a client to worried. One day he suddenly standup to start working and finish his work at once.
At one time, sake bar next to Izunadera-temple. IHACHI must have been enjoy at the bar.

Then you enjoy Sake in Isumi near by Ohara station now. The name is Kidoizumi, they are not directly related to IHACHI. But you could imagine sake of Isumi.
You could reach to a sake storehouse by walk from the station. If it interests you, please visit there.
You will look round inside with reservation.
▲Entrance of Kidoizumi

Kidoizumi Sake storehouse
▲Kidoizumi Sake storehouse

various lineup of Kidoizumi sake, the costs are around \1,000 ~ \3,000 (720mm size) You could try tasting sake.

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